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    • Well @Delusiønal you have to be prepared/willing to lose a couple players off the player base, bc although this is in fact your server and you cant do what you want with it, some players hate the fact/idea of restarting from ground zero and rebuilding, of course yes i think a re balance of the complete server is a GREAT idea. you have to be take a step back and prepare yourself to be a.) the only one online, b.) make sure you yourself del stay motivated to fix what needs to be fixed and add what needs to be added and c.) enjoy yourself del, dont make this a JOB, make it something you WANT to do more than HAVE to do.. this is supposed to be an "escape" for ppl, somewhere for ppl to hang out and enjoy other encrypted players company. Just remember to keep your eyes on the prize @Delusiønal
    • I think It's a great idea. It didn't take me that long to max using the Easy mod, which at first doesn't sound too bad, but it just went soo quick. Things like Squeal just, made it too easy. All these Lucky items, like the Bandos, Armadyl and Spirit shields. Being able to rent out Nox weapons at such a low-price, and other over-powered weapons. Clue scrolls rework when it was first released, giving over-priced rewards, like the Boxing gloves, which were 2b each. I agree with the idea.
    • Hey,  Some of you guys might've noticed that there hasn't been any updates for over 2 weeks now. I myself went inactive. Reason for that is that I was taking a break for myself. I took the time to analyze what was wrong with the server and I came up with explanations. There is over 980 accounts created on Encrypted. Yet we have never hit over 15 players online and the constant playerbase was around 5 players. The reason why most of those players didn't give more dedication towards the server is because of It's too easy       There is no grind. Everything is unbalanced, exp, rewards, drops       2. Not enough activities       3. Bugs   So what I'm thinking is to create a closed beta with a few players and go on rebalancing everything, fix known bugs and add more daily activities that can bring people together. Once that is gonna we're gonna pursue with a complete eco reset along with accounts resets. That is my vision for the server. If you guys don't agree let me know but I personally think that without this change the server will never grow. 
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